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Introduction - Describes the reasons and theory behind how explosions can occur in hazardous areas

Hazardous Classifications - Describes and explains the NEC hazardous location classification system

Hazardous location equipment - Describes how ex-proof equipment works and how to specify equipment based on area classification and devices involved.

NEC Zone system - Describes the Zone system for classifying hazardous areas.

T-Ratings - Describes the Temperature rating system and how to use it to specify lighting equipment

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Hazardous Location Training - Provides a comprehensive review of  NEC article 500 

IEC Area Definitions - Describes the IEC Hazardous location system

IEC vs NEC Comparison - Explains the 2 classification systems and the differences between them 

IEC Protection Methods - Details the types and differences of protection methods used in the IEC System

IP Ratings - A chart explaining the IEC IP ingress protection methods

NEMA Ratings - A reference for the definitions of the NEMA ingress protection methods

IP vs NEMA Ratings - A cross reference between the two systems.

T- Rating Requirements - Charts detailing the required T-Tratings for all gases

NEC Reference Info & Tables

Article 501-3 - This article from the NEC explains where and when "general duty, non explosion-proof" enclosures can be used in Class I, Division 2 areas.

Cable Sizing - A table showing cable sizes needed to carry specific amperages.

Conduit Fill - A table showing the number and size of conductors that can be installed in Rigid conduit.

Cable size conversion - A table converting AWG and MCM (circular mill) cable sizes to MM2

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